Facebook Graph Search vs Google Search
This is my site Written by Dan Fletcher on March 19, 2013 – 11:50 am

It is my belief that Facebook is will cut into Google’s Adwords revenue if it can make the Graph Search at least partially viable alternative to Google when it comes to searching for both local businesses and online products.    Or to put it another way,  if Facebook search will work reasonably well, then more people will stay on facebook instead of leaving to get accurate data about purchases or businesses they are going to buy from.   That will transfer into more revenue for Facebook, and less relative revenue for Google.

Here is an interesting link about the subject from Ad Age.

What does this mean to the small business owner?   Is simply means, that now more than ever, you have to have a smart ongoing presense on Facebook in order to be relevant and compete.


Here is a bonus link to an experiment comparing Google+ and Facebook engagement.  Anectdotal, but very interesting.   Basically, it says that Google+ has more engagent for his circles/friends.   Interesting.





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