Google, this means that I will look for other choices
This is my site Written by Dan Fletcher on December 11, 2012 – 9:55 am

So for a few years, when I set up a new client with a website, I have used Google Apps for Business.   But I will no longer be doing this because Google no longer wants to provide the service for free.   This is a dumb decision on Google’s part.

I understand that there are costs associated with providing a business with a domain email and hosting that for free.   But Google already had a 10 person limit on the free version.   But to have no free version  (and sorry a 30 day trial just means that fewer people are going to go through the pain of setting it up) means that you aren’t going to get the same adoption rates.   Maybe that is your intention because it is an “expensive” service for you to provide.

I say to you Google team:  this decision will have not negative repercussions for you now.  But long term it means that people that are your evangelists and fans become less excited about your overall service.   Now I will no longer steer my clients to Google for mail.   What do you care?   Well it means that you can’t easily bombard them with ADWORDS offers!!!  Your core product!   Now they may become Adwords users anyway, but why in the world would not for free get a BUSINESS to sign up with a Google product (mail for the domain) which would force them to be exposed to your actually profitable product?

I will update this page with any suggestions that I have to replace Google Apps email for business domains.

But I am frustrated with Google that I am having to do that.    You are on notice my friends, you continue to take away useful entryways to your online ecosystem and you will lose you profitable customer base over time.