In the same way that all cars and all houses are not the same price, how much your website costs will depend on what you need it to do.

The function of your site will be to implement techniques that increase profitability for your small business.  Done correctly that involves ongoing work.  In general, an effective small business website should cost between $2500 and $15,000 dollars and be managed on a monthly basis for $150/$250 in order to maximize effectiveness.

PRICES HAVE CHANGED.    I AM TOO BUSY TO TAKE ON MOST CLIENTS.   My rates are often an initial retainer and then an hourly billing for work performed.    Depending on marketing or programming task pricing ranges from $50 an hour to $175 an hour.

We try to keep our pricing structure simple and straightforward.  Please call or email us to request a quote.  A retail business has different needs than an attorney, so they need different kinds of sites in order to be most effective.  Different businesses, different marketing methods.

We are flexible in terms of finding solutions to unique business goals.    Give us a ring or send us an email and we will get a quote that is tailored to your business type.